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Web & UX Design

Erica is a seasoned designer dedicated to crafting exceptional digital and visual experiences. With a robust background spanning over 6 years, she brings extensive expertise in Front-End Development and UX Design to the table. Her passion lies in seamlessly blending creativity with technical precision, ensuring every project she undertakes delivers a memorable and user-centric experience. Explore the intersection of innovation and design with Erica as she continues to shape captivating digital narratives and elevate user interactions.

MorseClose Co

Web Design & Development

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Ayala Malls Cinema App

Google UX Design Certification

Ayala Mall Cinemas App, also commonly called as Sureseats, is a nationwide-used app that caters to moviegoers of cinemas located in Ayala Malls in various locations in the country. Sureseats targets consumers in a wide age and occupational range.

Ayala Malls Cinema App

AI Content Writer

Instantly Relevant

A site revamp for an AI company generating contents for different type of individuals who needs content in various platforms like social media & blogs. The project includes User Flows for both the client and the admin.

Site is currently undergoing implementation. Contact me to know more.

AI Content Writer - Instantly Relevant
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