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Photography, with its ability to unravel stories, captivates me. Beyond mere images, they serve as catalysts for conversation, gateways to shared experiences, and bridges to understanding.


My immigration journey has been both challenging and deeply meaningful. Moving from a vastly different culture and climate felt like being uprooted and transplanted onto unfamiliar soil. Documenting diverse immigrant stories helps me process the complex emotions of leaving one's home—it's enlightening yet bittersweet. As an aspiring filmmaker and photographer, I'm drawn to shedding light on this story.


I purposefully craft narratives from mundane moments, reshuffling my possessions to revive memories and weave intimate tales. Building upon my past project 'Ugnayan,' which explored the Filipino immigrant experience, 'Daluyan' aims to broaden the conversation around immigrant journeys. It seeks to foster empathy, connection, and a deeper understanding of the diverse, interconnected experiences that shape our collective human story.


These photos are my visual journal, capturing snippets of my daily life and expressing my relationship with both objects and my inner self. Translating others' stories into images is a challenging yet exciting endeavor. It goes beyond composition, requiring attentive listening and genuine presence.



'Daluyan' in Filipino means 'passages'. It encapsulates the intertwining immigrant journeys of navigating life in a new setting. Moving in and out of unfamiliar territories is a profoundly unsettling experience and is an often overlooked narrative within our community, despite the constant influx of newcomers. Assimilating into a new environment whilst preserving your cultural identity is a challenge that deeply impacts one's life and sense of self; yet it is seldom discussed.


Through documenting my own journey and that of another, Daluyan aims to translate our stories into images to provide a deeper understanding of both my subjects' and my own world, resonating with my experiences within these walls I once called “home”. Delving into this project, I found not only a chance to revisit my experiences within these spaces but also a poignant window into another's life journey. This project aims to foster empathy, connection, and a deeper appreciation for the diverse immigrant experiences that shape our collective story.


Moreover, this project unearthed a shared grief present in the process of assimilation, shedding light on the emotional complexities entwined with cultural integration and the simultaneous loss and discovery inherent in adapting to new environments. Through these narratives, I endeavor to bring attention to the emotional landscapes immigrants go through while navigating the intricacies of identity and belonging in new settings.



As the creator of 'Ugnayan,' I embarked on a personal and introspective journey to not only craft a film but also curate a powerful photo installation of the same title. This immersive visual experience delves into the challenges and emotions faced by immigrants, providing a tangible representation of the inner dilemmas I grappled with during the past year.

Through both the film and photo installation, my overarching aim is to extend a hand of understanding and validation to those who share similar immigrant experiences. The transformative journey of leaving home and adapting to a new culture is marked by a range of emotions – from excitement and hope to homesickness and grief. Both the film and photo installation capture these intricate feelings, offering a personal perspective on this profound voyage.

In the process of creating Ugnayan, I've not only brought a film to life but also crafted a visual narrative that reflects my own evolution as a person. This project serves as a unique opportunity for growth, empathy, and healing. By sharing both the film and the photo installation, I aspire to foster a sense of community and connection among individuals undergoing similar challenges. Ugnayan stands as a testament to the power of storytelling, whether through film or visual art, to bridge gaps, create understanding, and validate the shared experiences that shape our lives.

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